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Don't store what you no longer need

That seems pretty basic, but with most old ways of doing things, files stayed in storage well past their useful life, wasting valuable space.

At File Solutions our software will keep track of your records inventory for you. When a container of files reaches the end of its legally required life-span, we will notify you. Upon your authorization your expired files can be shredded (or incinerated if the nature of the document requires) and you will be provided with certification listing the files/containers that were destroyed.


Be able to find what you have stored

Our primary goal at File Solutions is to make managing your files simple and easy. Your records inventory with us will enable you to quickly identify any files that you need. Using the powerful tools available through our confidential web server, you can search by date, subject, file number, description, code or key word. If you have chosen to have your records imaged by us, you can type in a word or phrase, and the system will display all documents where that word or phrase occurs.

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