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Scan: Inteligent Imaging

We also offer another kind of scan, that being imaging. In this case, priority ranked documents are scanned in to a search-able PDF at the time of log in. This allows your office to bring up an
image of of the original instantly
on computer, as well as bring
up the file information for
delivery of the original if needed.

When you need an image of a file that was not preciously imaged, We can get it to you right away. We will pull the file you specify, scan (image) it and get that to your computer screen within a few minutes of your call.

Scan: bar-code indexing

We log in your records at the level of detail your business requires—by the box, by the file folder, or by the individual document.

Each item receives a scanner bar code and is entered into an indexed database. Your office can then access an index of your files by password on our secure web server.

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