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Locally stored

We are Lethbridge-based.-thourogh and through. Your documents stay in Lethbridge. Recognizing that local businesses are the backbone of the community, we support other Lethbridge area businesses where ever possible.

Because your documents are stored locally, this also means fast delivery is available on short notice, with lower delivery charges than other service providers..

What we store

  • Documents: financial, legal, medical, dental, architectural, etc.
  • Digital images of documents
  • Media: vault (protect data tapes, hard drives, film, etc. whether its on a two week rotation, or a 50 year archive).electrically shielded, humidity & temperature consistent.
  • Data backup: on-line encrypted digital archive (coming soon)

Project room

We also provide a project room where clients may review their documents at our facility without delivery charges

Peace of mind storage

File Solutions makes or plans to make these provisions for your peace of mind. (some of the features listed may still be under development, check with us for implimentation dates):

  • Document-safe fire suppression system built into the shelving units protecting every box
  • 24-hr security system
  • Video monitoring.
  • Environmental controls (no mildew)
  • Rodent/pest free environment..
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